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Tires Available!

Along with wheel alignment service, we also offer tire and tire accessories for sale.

Tire Alignment in the Greater Moncton Area for a Smooth Driving Experience

Perfectly aligned wheels are essential for a smooth and safe ride. Some common signs that your wheels are out of alignment are:

You notice your vehicle pulls to either the left or right side
Sudden jarring or heavy impact caused by hitting something, such as a pothole, bumping a curb, or a road accident.
Worn parts caused by wear and tear.

One Stop Auto & Tire Service  provides efficient tire alignment services in Moncton New Brunswick.  We have trained mechanics to take care of the wheels of your vehicle so that they have a long life and keep you safe on the road.

Care Tire

Our Services

Our team is equipped and trained in every aspect of the job, from helping you with properly aligned tires for your vehicle to replacing old, worn-out tires. Our services include:

Tire installation
Tire repair
Tire patching
Tire inflation
Tire rotation
Wheel alignment

Tire Categories

We have the following categories of tires available at our shop:

OTR tires (Off-road tire)
Car and truck tires
4 wheel tires
Pickup tires

We not only sell tires and wheels, but you can also trust us for accessories like wheel nuts, valve stems, cleaners, protectors, chains and studs.

Brands We Trust

At One Stop Auto & Tire Service, we believe in providing you with only standardized products. We are equipped to service and replace tires of all brands. Here is a list of the brands that are available with us:

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